Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Are we really going to wait until it is scientifically proven to believe in COMPLETE NUTRITION?

What else is complete nutrition in this world?

For Muslims, Zam-zam water is enough. We believe it is complete just because our prophet highly recommends it.

Do we need to scientifically prove that it is not dangerous to drink it? NO - That is what we call FAITH.

This teaches us that Nutrition is THE solution. Zam-zam water is COMPLETE NUTRITION. It is NOT MAGIC.

Sadly currently Zam-zam water goes through a filtration process to make sure it is "SAFE" for human consumption...

So... if there are ailments in this world, is it because we lack the right NUTRITION? Are we not made from Cells which is made from Nutrition? Nutrition that comes from SOIL (EARTH).

If we are getting sick... we say that we can get them from certain plants...


Where do plants GROW?

EARTH's soil...

Is Zam-zam water the SECRET that the EARTH is holding in?

Here is what we can do:

1. Be thankful.
2. Drink zam-zam water if you have the chance to.
3. Have faith in it.
5. If Zam-zam water is not available, ask a NUTRITIONIST. They paid to LEARN about NUTRITION: LEARN FROM THEM and THE PEOPLE WHO LEARNED FROM THEM.

The solution is so simple. It is just NUTRITION. Have FAITH.

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