Tuesday, 20 May 2014

R2D2 or RU ME 2

Below is a great poem that relates to the You factor.

It is about what your mind is telling you to do.  Remember a thought held long enough in your mind becomes your attitude.

Guys dream bigger than you can believe and don't let the robot below do what he has to do with your mind.

R2D2 or RU ME 2

I have a little robot that goes around with me

I tell him what I am thinking, I tell him what I see

I tell my little robot all my hopes and fears,

He listens and remembers all my joys and tears

At first my little robot will follow my command,

But after a few years of training he got out of hand

He doesn't care what is right or wrong or what is false and true

No matter what I'll try now he'll tell me what to do.

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