Thursday, 8 May 2014

Choose the best!

Choose the best!

The only fears you have are the fears you choose. Choose to learn what those fears have to teach you, and then choose to let them go.

The only distractions that knock you off course are the ones to which you give your attention. Choose an interesting diversion to follow every now and then, and let the others flow on past.

The only things that can discourage you are the things you choose to see as discouraging. Keep in mind that there is some positive aspect to every situation, and you can always decide to focus on it.

The only problems that can hold you back are the ones that you avoid working your way through. Choose instead to see those problems as the opportunities they are, and then get busy fulfilling their positive promises.

The only time that is ever wasted is the time you let yourself settle for less than you're fully capable of living. At any time, in any situation, there is always a way to create real, lasting, positive value.

You are at this very moment alive in a vast and beautiful universe filled with every possibility. Choose right now to bring the very best possibilities to life.

-- Ralph Marston

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