Wednesday, 5 April 2017

8 Actions announced by CM at the closing of the International Digital Economy Conference.

1 Establish a new bank in Sarawak.  Development Bank of Sarawak.

2 Establish Sarawak Multimedia Authority to regulate ICT infra and digital utilisation

3 Establish Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation under the Sarawak Multimedia Authority.

4 Development of ICT Infra for the speed. Backbone must. e connected through Southern gateway with Indon and Northern gateway with Brunei.

5 Establish a Digital Village modelled on Silicon Valley. Located at Samajaya Tech Park.

6. Promotion of E Learning. 

7. Promote Sarawak as a place to host Data Centres.

8. Establish labs headed by State Secretary to brianstorm n chart the road map for Sarawak to be the centre of Digita Economy.

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