Thursday, 2 April 2015

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor anyone?

Translation (ongoing)
Google Drive volume 1-21, PDF
LMS JawZ volume 21-22 (translation is OK, a new one every 2 weeks is slow, volume 22, chapters 7 came out the 18/03/2015)
LMS blog volume 23, chap 1-3
LMS web archive(nothing more)

+ rewriting (on the base of the automatic translation)
LMS Wolfes of Mibu (vol 23, chap 1-4; password: Weed)
LMS blog volume 23, chap 5-5

Automatic translation (finished)
GT = google trad ou BT = bing trad
LMS blogspot (volumes 1-45, complete BUT no readable. From the ingame story, you get around 70%, and from the in life story, you get around 30%)
LMS google site (same here)
LMS Dropbox (same here, but word or PDF file)
LMS google drive (same here, volume 45)

Some other stuff
Author's blog with the world map of Royal Road
Korean Wikipedia (you can find the release, volume 1 came out the 15.01.2007)
LMS BakaTsuki

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