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Battling the bulge

Obesiti di Malaysia: Battling the bulge

Berikut adalah copy paste daripada The Malay Mail. Dr Medina, Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board, berkata untuk Malaysia.

Battling the bulge

Children now at risk of obesity than 30 years ago, says nutrition guru
TUESDAY, JANUARY 28, 2014 - 18:43
by Sonia Belani

“IT is not difficult to find children with obesity problems today as they are not receiving the nutrition that their bodies need,” says a professor of nutrition and obesity, Dr Rocio Medina.

“Compared to the yesteryears, nutrition transition has changed because we used to have a very different lifestyle. We used to be more active, we ate sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables. Now, both adults and kids are eating more fats, sweets and children do not have a healthy lifestyle. They are mostly in front of the TV or computer and they do not exercise like we used to. This transition is reality and it is not good for us,” says Dr Medina, at a Herbalife luncheon.

Malaysia is ranked sixth in the Asia-Pacific region for obesity and tops the list in Southeast Asia for both obesity and diabetes.
According to Deputy Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Hilmi Yahaya, there are about three million obese Malaysians and the number is increasing while there are about five million individuals who suffer from varying degrees of diabetes.

Dr Medina, a mum of seven children and a triathlon competitor, co-founded the Medical College of Surgeons and Professionals in Obesity and Clinical Nutrition at Nuevo León, Mexico, in 2000, among other achievements.

Today, Dr Medina leads Herbalife’s global nutrition training that focuses on worldwide fitness education for its independent distributors. “We have a huge responsibility to uphold because of the increase of nutrition problems around the world,” says the managing director and vice-president of Worldwide Nutrition, Herbalife.

“The statistics in Asia are increasing and people are still ignorant of the obesity problems faced around the world. For example, seven out of 10 people are overweight,” says Dr Medina.

“There are even bigger problems in Asia. Body composition in Asian people is different. People in Asia don’t look obese. They look slim and thin from the outside, but there are still a lot fat tissues around the organs. This is in comparison to people in the US who are obese from the outside.

“According to research, people in Asia have more fat tissues around their organs and have higher risk of diabetes. Obesity is fat tissue covering your organs and it increases insulin in our blood. That is killing people.

“We even see children who are at risk, which we wasn’t the case 30 years ago. It is not just a matter of weight, body measurement with a scale but it is a matter of body composition, what’s inside your body, not just how you look.

“‘Healthy fat people’ are also in denial as that term does not exist. It is time we start having a healthy lifestyle and exercise is important. If you do not have much time, spare at least 30 minutes to walk, jog, swim and other activities. “Economy also plays a role.

People can have a value meal at a fast food outlet and that is what drives them to eat unhealthy food.

“I believe if we educate ourselves and our kids, we can lead a better future. The change has to start in-depth, starting with our families,” stresses Dr Medina.

“I have seen education in communities that has helped in changing people to having a balanced and healthier lifestyle.

It is not impossible. “The first step is to realise what we want for our lives in the future.
Make a decision to have good nutrition, good body composition and you do not want to be sick.

“Write it down as it is a commitment for yourself. It is not easy to eat healthy these days and it is not cheap as well. Having tools and supplements will help.”


Kalau perasan, Herbalife fokus kepada:

1) Educate masyarakat tentang nutrisi, kepentingan menjaga pemakanan. EDUCATION yang akan mengubah masa depan. Kalau mungkin tok nenek hari ini tak boleh nak give up nasi lemak sebab dah biasa sangat, tapi generasi muda BOLEH BERUBAH. That's why Herbalife keep on educating everyone especially the GenH.

2) Provide produk yang boleh melengkapkan nutrisi harian masyarakat.

3) Educate masyarakat tentang kepentingan bersenam dan cara asas bersenam for dummies (tapi benda ni belum meluas sampai ke Malaysia lagi sebab di Malaysia kita masih sibuk fighting obesity dengan pemakanan)

Aku jumpa ramai yang dengan sombongnya berkata "I don't need supplement", tapi faktanya tahun-tahun berlalu I don't see them growing healthier or glower or maintain slim. Kebanyakannya makin naik berat badan, muka semakin gelap kurang glow dan semain terpancar keletihan. Baru usia 20-an. Sebab tulah bila masuk umur 30 tahun ramai mula mencari. Umur 40 semua dah putus asa dan terima hakikat akan sakit.

WHY NOT YOU, yang berusia 20-an ni mula menjaga dari sekarang. DON'T DO IT FOR YOU, DO IT FOR YOUR FUTURE FAMILY.

Aku tak kata satu-satunya cara adalah Herbalife. Ye ada banyak cara. Herbalife salah satu daripadanya. But some of you, somewhere in millions of people in the world, some of you dah cuba PELBAGAI CARA dan ternyata anda terus tidak berjaya? Come to us and InsyaAllah we will guide you.

Saya tak memaksa semua orang guna Herbalife, saya menjemput anda yang memang mencari dan memerlukan, untuk bersama kami.


LOSE WEIGHT/BE HEALTHY : 0163973634 (Hj Azrul) , 0168734036 (Syida)

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