Saturday, 21 December 2013

Why back pain after taking Herbalife?

It's not your back... it's your kidney.

When the body starts to heal itself, waste is released into the blood stream. Immune system kicks in combating those waste.

High toxic is dangerous.

Liver will help store them and filters them before sending them for deportation through the kidney... Both organs working as hard as they can to flush out the toxins.

Guess what? they need a lot of water to flush those things out.

Lack of water to flush out those toxins will make them stay longer in your liver (hence the high toxicity whenever a checkup is done), and sore kidney whenever the flushing out of toxins works overtime.)

Body heals itself whenever you take the right nutrition properly.

Drink 2 glasses of plain water first before any supplements. One cold, wait 15 minutes and one hot. Both are needed.

Avoid back pains during the HEALING CRISIS. Drink 2 glasses of water before and after.

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